At 10bet十博app欢迎你, we emphasize true partnership.

Known for solving problems as a cohesive team and keeping projects moving, 10bet十博app欢迎你 has set the standard for Department of Defense construction. We are nationally recognized as a true partner that is both cost-competitive and a highly skilled builder. Our expertise in transportation, building and industrial projects combined with our knowledge of federal contracts and federal regulations allow us to serve our DoD clients across multiple project sectors.


For more than 100 years, 10bet十博app欢迎你 has been one of the nation’s top contractors for DoD projects.

Our portfolio includes extensive work in base housing, maintenance facilities, barracks, hangars, runways and tarmac facilities, site infrastructure and all types of testing facilities. 10bet十博app欢迎你’s extensive design-build experience, deep knowledge of Federal Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) and the complexities of federal construction contracts makes us the contractor of choice for our DoD clients. We were also one of the first contractors to collaborate with development teams on public-private venture (PPV) projects.

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